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Using Publii CMS with S3 Static Web Hosting

Static Web Hosting

Static website hosting refers to hosting of web pages that have fixed (static) content and any user interactivity is processed on the client-side instead of the server-side.

Publii CMS

publii cms window

Publii CMS is a free and open-source, PC-based, static website CMS. It means that Publii helps you create & manage the website structure and pages on your PC and then publishes them to static web hosting.

About S3 Static Web Hosting

Amazon S3 is a low-cost-low-maintenance, online, container-based object storage service that can be used to store directories and files like on a PC.

To work with Amazon S3 you need to create S3 buckets (containers) and then create folder objects and upload file objects.

Additionally, Amazon S3 can also be used to host static websites by enabling a specific bucket configuration and security policy.

Did you know you could launch an S3 bucket with the necessary static website configuration and security policy in 5 minutes?

Launch S3 Static Hosting for Website

Sign-in to your user account and navigate to the S3 Bucket Websites section.

Under the Launcher sub-section, give your static web hosting bucket a unique friendly name to identify it.

iwebzcloud s3 bucket website launch options

Leave the Domain Name field blank unless you plan to use this web hosting bucket with a custom domain/sub-domain. more info

Hit the Launch button to set it all up. Thats all!

Your S3 static web hosting is ready for you to publish your website.

Connect and Publish a Static Website from Publii CMS

Download and Install the Publii CMS on your PC then start it.

Create a new website to publish to your S3 static web hosting. view instructions

Under server type, select S3. Enter the required bucket and access key details.

publii cms s3 server settings

You can get the bucket details from here.

The Access Key/ID and Secret key can be found here.

Use the Test Connection button to verify everything is correctly entered. Save the settings.

Now use the Sync your website button in the menu to upload/publish your website.

You can now use your web browser to visit your static website online on Amazon S3.

You can modify your website further to your satisfaction and then sync (publish) it as many times as you like!

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