cloudpanel on debian

5 Minute CloudPanel Install on Debian in Amazon EC2

Cloud Panel

cloudpanel logoCloudPanel is a free server control panel for deploying PHP apps, built for maximum performance and security in the cloud. With CloudPanel you can add domains, users, databases, and much more in no time.

CloudPanel is free, open-source software. So you can also self-host it on your own Amazon EC2 instance (cloud server) without any software license fees. You get charged only for your own actual usage of AWS resources.

The CloudPanel technology stack consists of:

  • Debian Linux OS, nginx web server, MySQL database server, php-fpm (LEMP stack)
  • Redis data store
  • Node.js JavaScript runtime
  • ProFTPD SFTP server

How long do you think you will take to install these softwares and then setup CloudPanel on them on AWS?

Let us see how long you will take using our one-click AMI launcher service!

Launch the official CloudPanel AMI

Once you sign-in, look for the CloudPanel EC2 launcher in the list of one-click launchers.

cloudpanel lemp stack ami launcher

Choose the desired AWS region to deply to and the region-based AWS key, then hit the launch button next to it.

Thats all, you’re done with the install!

You can now access your CloudPanel controlled cloud server using a web browser. know more

OPTIONAL: Access the server via SSH

SSH into the new Ubuntu instance using an SSH client (we suggest Muon) with the SSH PEM Key downloaded from your launch history page with the SSH username displayed there.